I recently went to Dr. Cooksey to have Cataracts Removed.  For the first time in over 30 years, I can go about my day without glasses.  It nice to only ocasionally need reading glasses after years of strong prescriptions! The professionalism of the caring staff combined with Dr. Cooksey’s skill as an ophthalmologist made my eye surgeries one of the best medical experiences I’d ever had. I’m grateful for the excellent care I received.  My husband also (Got Cataracts Removed) and he, too, has been able to go without glasses for most day-to day activities.  Dr. Cooksey and his staff are simply the best in the business.  I didn’t know until I became a patient of his that he also performs some cosmetic procedures, and I have been extremely pleased with how my skin looks after laser resurfacing.  For either eye care or the skin care procedures offered, a patient  can do no better than Dr. Cooksey.

Lou Ann Albritton,

Dr. Cooksey did my cornea transplant in 2003. He restored my sight and I have done well. Dr. Cooksey is truly a caring physician. When you use Dr. Cooksey, he is not just your doctor. He is also your friend. His staff is second to none. They are all friendly, and they know you by name.

Roy McCoy,

I would like to express my thoughts about Dr. John Cooksey. Dr. Cooksey diagnosed me with cataracts in both eyes about two years ago. He then replaced the lens in each eye . Before surgery I was wearing glasses, but afterwards my vision cleared up and I no longer need glasses except for reading the fine print. As my eye doctor, Dr. Cooksey has always been so kind and considerate. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of the services of an ophthalmologist. His surgery on my eyes was painless and I had no problems during nor after the procedures. Please accept this as a hearty endorsement of Dr. Cooksey and his work in helping people with vision problems.

Mr. Harold Albritton,