Laser Procedures

So What Are Laser Procedures?

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Dr. John Cooksey offers laser procedures such as laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing and laser vein removal. He also offers BBL (broad band light) treatment to lighten brown discoloration of the skin. Laser procedures are done with a Sciton laser by Amy Rawls. Amy is a trained laser technician with 9 years of laser experience in skin care and laser procedures.

Tell me about Laser Hair Removal with BBL

Sciton’s Broadband Light (BBL™) sets the new standard for hair removal. This gentle treatment which is non-invasive, comfortable, and efficacious, is tailored just for you! Depending on your Skin Type BBL will be performed to help you eliminated unwanted hair, alleviating the need for shaving and waxing! The Sciton hair removal system at Cooksey Vision and Cosmetic Center in Monroe, LA offers virtually pain-free, safe, fast, more effective hair removal treatments within six treatment sessions.

Sciton's BBL™ laser has provided permanent hair reduction for thousands of patients worldwide, and hundreds in Monroe LA, safely and successfully since it was cleared by the FDA in 2005.

Is Laser Hair removal treatment permanent?

Typically, each laser treatment results in some permanent hair loss and most cases require several treatments. The number of treatments will depend on your response to laser therapy and the amount of hair to be removed. As with other treatments for unwanted hair, there is no guarantee that laser hair removal treatment will be permanent; future “touch up” sessions may be required each year.

What is laser resurfacing?

We feature the Sciton laser system due to its ability to treat a wide range of skin conditions safely, effectively and comfortably. The goal with the laser is to rejuvenate the skin by either removing the outer most layers of the skin, called a Microlaser Treatment, for improved texture and or creating micro-channels deep within the skin, or Profractional, for the added benefit of further collagen stimulation. Our state of the art laser features a sapphire chilling plate and a Zimmer Chiller, which blows cool air onto the skin. This combination of comfort and results is unparalleled and on the cutting edge of Laser Resurfacing Technology.

What is laser vein removal?

The Sciton laser at Cooksey Vision & Cosmetic Center in Monroe, LA effectively treats visible facial and leg spider veins using light energy. As the laser is passed over your skin, the heat is absorbed by the blood vessels, which break down and eventually shrink. Small capillaries often disappear immediately after treatment. Larger veins will be reabsorbed by your body over a period of time.

Who are the best candidates for laser vein removal?

Those individuals with dark veins and light skin color respond most optimally. Individuals with darker skin color the skin tends to compete with the veins for light energy, resulting in the potential for damage to the skin. That’s why tanning should be avoided before and after laser treatments. Because the adjustable sapphire cooling plate of the Sciton Leg Vein Laser protects the skin and because the long wavelength light that is used by this laser tends to penetrate more deeply and scatter less, the 1064nm wavelength used by the Sciton Laser is currently the best available for treating patients with fine veins and darker skin colors.

Cooksey Vision and Cosmetic Center provides Laser Procedures for patients from greater Monroe, Northern Louisiana and Southern Arkansas and is conveniently located for patients traveling from West Monroe, Bastrop, Winnsboro, Rayville, Gilbert, Columbia, as well as Ruston, Calhoun, Choudrant and Eldorado Arkansas. To schedule an appointment for a Laser Hair Removal, Laser Vein Removal, or Laser Skin Resurfacing please call us in Monroe at (318)388-2020 or in Ruston at (318)255-9686.