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Welcome to the appointment request section of our website. At Cooksey Vision & Cosmetic Center we encourage all patient visits to be through a scheduled appointment request. We discourage walk-in appointments so that we can see each scheduled patient on a timely basis.

We do realize that emergencies arise and we always make every effort to provide an appointment within an appropriate amount of time. If you have questions concerning the scheduling of your appointment request, other non-emergency appointment questions, medical records requests and comments concerning our practice please call or email us.

This is an appointment request form, and the information you provide will enable us to assist you as efficiently as possible. Requests are received by Cooksey Vision & Cosmetic Center of Monroe. A representative from Dr John Cooksey’s office will contact you within 1 business day to help you schedule an appointment

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For faster assistance, please call (318) 388-2020

NOTE: With this form, you are submitting a request for an appointment only. You are not scheduling an appointment. A representative from Cooksey Vision & Cosmetic Center will contact you to help you schedule an appointment.


Patient Registration Form

Here at Cooksey Vision and Cosmetic Center want to make the process of accessing healthcare as easy and as fast as possible for all of our new & first time users. For NEW patients visiting one of our locations for the FIRST time it is best for you to download, print and fill out the form below before showing up for your scheduled appointment. This will allow you to check-in for your appointment with all of the necessary paperwork already being completed which allow our staff to provide you with FASTER service. If you have any questions about this form please feel free to contact Cooksey Vision and Cosmetic Center.